Which Job Suits You?


It is important before you launch into this next phase of your life you stop and ponder which direction you want to go. Some questions to ask yourself.

1.What are you good at?
Are you the sort that enjoys peace and quiet or do you get a buzz out of being around others? Whatever floats your boat its important you choose a career path that lends itself to this.


2.What do you like to do?
You will be spending a massive amount of your time at work when it comes to finishing your studies. So it’s important you enjoy what you do.  What subjects have you enjoyed at school? These will give you an idea of what you like doing, this is a great place to start.


3.What personality type are you?
Another ways for you to find out about yourself is to take a personality test. A Myers Briggs test can be taken on our site here. (https://rightcourse.com.au/how-to-choose-the-right-course/) More information to the personality types can be found here (https://rightcourse.com.au/myers-briggs-personality-types/). Understanding your personality will help you see what job is right for you.


4.What jobs are out there? 

Now you have an idea of who you are and what you like, start researching. Get on Seek (seek.com.au) and LinkedIn (LinkedIn.com) and start to review the vacancies on offer. What are the responsibilities? Would you like to do this kind of thing? Where are they typically located?


5.Interview your network.
Talk to people you know and find out about what they actually do. Is it what you thought?


6.What pay can I expect?

Your pay will vary depending on the market conditions for example jobs in the city typically pay higher than the country.  However all jobs have a median or “middle pay zone” here is a pay scale index to get you started. (https://www.payscale.com/index/AU/Job)


7.Team up with a buddy.

Many universities have buddy programs to assist you with on campus support and a point of contact to assist in transition in University. Buddy programs usually offer social and geographic support through peer relationships. In these programs current students assist you by sharing their experiences, providing you an introduction to life in the local area and usually social events and activities are organised throughout the year. Reach out to the student counsel about a buddy program for you and start meeting other students! Or visit: https://rightcourse.com.au/enquire/

Now you have an idea of what job you want you are ready to start looking at what you should study. Go on, go for it.

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