The Five Steps of Law School


Congratulations! You have just been accepted into the school of Law at the university of your choice. There is so much to do before you begin the journey of a successful career within the legal industry. Here are just a few tips that will help you through your study at law school.


  1. Do all the required readings.

This step is crucial if you want to stay on top of your study notes and prepare for your end of semester exam week. Law is all about reading, whether it’s a law report of 1000 pages or a piece of legislation about weapons. Learning to skim and read what is important is a skill you quickly acquire. Do not be afraid of a highlighter and sticky notes, they soon become your best friends.


  1. Stay on top of due dates.

I cannot stress this step enough, due dates come around so quickly and then you’re left with doing an assignment overnight. By making a planner up with due dates of everything in your courses is a great way to keep on top of assessment. It is also a great idea to work on assessments by sections daily or every few days, that way you can go back and proof read with a fresh mind.


  1. Utilise draft checking facilities

During your first semester of law school, you will be given the chance to check a little bit of your work through a draft checking facility. It is honestly the best thing to do if you don’t believe you are on the right track or even if you just want a bit of feedback. Talking to your Course Convenor or Lecturer will also give you an excellent insight on where they broadly want the assessment to go.


  1. Document precedent cases from the very start of your degree

By the time end of semester exams come around, you will always need a list of precedent cases and how they would help your particular scenario. The easiest way to do this is to have a separate table for each course and in that table have the following headings: Week, Case Name, Description, Ratio Decidendi. That way you can easily go to your exam knowing what each case was about and completely ace your exams.


  1. Most importantly, make friends and have fun!

Law school isn’t all about stressing and reading, there are many events that give you a chance to socialise and meet successful lawyers and alumni of your school. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get a law school club that have semester pub crawls and regular pizza meetings. The annual Gala is also a wonderful excuse to look your best and celebrate the year with your fellow cohort. Good luck and enjoy your time at law school.


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