My Student Life in Australia



When I weighed up my options to study abroad, I had to choose between many countries and Australia was likely the first one come up to my mind. Since Australia is a welcome country with the world top universities, there is no doubt I received the best quality of education.



In Australia, you have to self-study most of the time, tutors just give you some advices when you get issues of understanding the unit’s content, and all assessments are done by yourself. After my first trimester, I was pretty sure I chose the right course and right institution. I got improved my English, working skills, and living skills a lot during my first year that I would never get at my home country.


Online learning

I am doing a Master degree at Deakin University. In the beginning, I had some struggles to be familiar with many new study techniques and methodologies, Cloud campus is one of them. It is an online system where you just need to open your laptop and browse through unit materials, research papers, articles and literature.

One of the best parts about online learning is that you can choose the most convenient schedule. You can stream your lectures, chat with classmate, do discussion and contribute to group presentation at anytime and anywhere, during your arrival in public transport, your cooking time or your exercise at fitness centre.


Cultural diversity

Australia is famous with multiple culture since over a quarter of all people living in Australia were born overseas. With such a high level of diversity, you will feel pretty easy to catch-up with people in your same community at University. I also have a chance to understand different cultures as well as enjoy the interesting foods, festivals, authentic cuisine from different country.


Job opportunity

I am very lucky that I got my first internship job opportunity just after I finished my second trimester. University will provide you such a good supports, workshops, and career coach that can help you improve your profile and prepare for a job interview. You also have opportunity to work part-time and casual across a wide variety of roles and industries while completing your studies. You will gain an excellent improvement in many skills, knowledge, and most important thing is work experience.


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