Managing a Full Time Job and a Dual Degree 




Many people ask me how I manage a full time job, full time study and still have time for myself. Which is why I decided to write this article, since I started university I’ve always had a job that related in some way to my studies. I made the decision to focus on a career, which I thought meant goodbye 7’s and no more social life.  However by successfully managing my time and planning ahead, I still receive 7’s, work five days a week, and still have time to sleep and go out with friends and family.


When I was in my third year I was promoted to a full time job, luckily my manager is flexible and understands I need time off during exams. I understand that many managers will not be like this and I thinks its extremely important to sit down with them and help them understand how much time you’ll need time off for exams, etc. I am also lucky with my job because I can go to university in the day, and work at night, one of the many perks of the hospitality industry.


I also always plan my timetable to ensure I only need to attend university once a week, which means I need to watch most of my lectures online. Its extremely important to watch these lectures every single week, trust me on this one. Its virtually impossible to work full time and try catch up on three weeks of lectures in a few days. I have also found that a lot of my lecturers and tutors are very understanding, for example if I know I can only present on a certain day, I speak to my teacher as early as possible and let them know my situation. Many people tell you in your first year “this isn’t high school, teachers don’t care”, in my three and a half years of studies, I’ve never witnesses this myself. The teachers want you to succeed in your studies and your career.


The biggest piece of advice I can give anyone is plan your time. Get a diary or use your phone and write down everything you need to do. EVERYTHING. I start by putting all my assignment due dates in my diary at the beginning of the semester, then every week I put in my shifts as I receive a roster. I also do assignments as soon as I can. I never wait until the day it’s due, because I know I’ll end up not having enough time, or my manager will call and ask me to start five hours earlier than my roster.


Another piece of advice I can give is, get enough sleep. After a few weeks of full time work and study with little sleep, your body will be run down and you will burn out. This will result in you getting sick, having to take time off work and probably falling behind with university. Also, make healthy food choices and try stay active. I know this is something you’ve heard a million times, but it makes a huge difference to the way you feel!


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