• Monash University is the largest university in Australia, and among the most highly regarded in the world. In just 50 years, we have built a reputation for quality teaching and world-leading research. Our students leave with a greater sense of purpose, a global outlook, and the skills and confidence to make positive change. Monash is a member of the Group of Eight universities and is ranked 74 in the world.

    Our students learn to be global citizens. With four campuses across Melbourne, a campus in Malaysia, a joint graduate school in China, a learning centre in Italy, and exchange agreements with over 100 universities worldwide, you’ll be given global opportunities and unmatched experiences.

    We offer one of the largest ranges of degree and double degree options in Australia. That means students can better match their studies to their interest areas. Our scale allows for more research opportunities, more international exchanges, and more opportunities to collaborate across different fields.

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    1. Lai Monash University

      I really love my experience at Monash University. I studied Master of Counselling in Monash University, Clayton campus. The facility here is fantastic and the course was perfect for anyone who would like to pursue the counselling career.

    2. nms24 Monash University

      Monash is one of the top 1% universities in the world and has the facilities and services to show for it.
      The teaching staff boasts some of the topmost scholars in the world. There are regular dedicated consultation sessions for any queries students may have. State of the art classrooms and lab facilities amre comolenetbes by ground-breaking researched projects funded by the university.

      The club’s and social scene is very vibrant. Most cultural and entertainment related clubs are based in Clayton campus, but Caulfield and peninsula also have clubs focused on particular areas of interests. There are constant festivals and events to keep students with a elevated spirit.

      Medical facilities places placed in each campus is also very convenient. Free cou selling sessions for students providing the necessary support for students in distress. Disability support and student advocacy are some other amenities to make life easier for students. Career connect helps students learn about career opportunities, do’s and dont’s And become prepared for the job market. Regular career expos and events help.stidemts meet the recruiters and land jobs easily.

      The tuition fee is on tbe higher side. There are not many scholarships for international students. Living in campus can become quite expensive as well, though it’s the most convenient way to live.

      The community at Monash is the most diverse in Australia as international students coming from all over the world make up over half the student base here. The cultural melting pot is a great place to make new friends, discover self potential, and use the education to built a good base for a proper professional career.

    3. LiamFrancis25 Monash University

      Being one semester into my degree, Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), I can say that completing Tertiary education at Monash was the best decision I made. Whilst I was tossing up between a few universities last year, Monash is by far the most accessible, and the most welcoming, despite the daunting number of students here. The education facilities are top notch, the staff are willing to discuss anything and overall it is a hub of the next class of Australian intellectual talent. I feel inspired here, and look forward to continuing my degree.

    4. carlalam Monash University

      I am doing Bachelor of Media Communication specialized in Journalism and currently in the first year. The course is a new course under Arts humanities faculty that is launched just this year February 2018. It is a very fun, uplifting course as the professors and tutors are helpful, humble and happy to guide us at any time. They give honest and understandable feedbacks after any assignments to help us ace the course. Students also get to experience and cover worldwide real issues regarding media and internet with an experienced professor such as Mark Andrejevic who will soon be joining the course as a tutor. Overall, I love that I chose the right course and expecting more from it!

    5. Michael4179 Monash University

      I study at Monash University, currently completing my Master of Teaching (Secondary). Having gone to Monash for 5 years continuously, I have found it to be an incredible experience. The staff are always willing to help, no matter how ridiculous a question may seem, and the University platform (Moodle) has meant that contact between student and lecturer is easy. The administration are quick in helping students with any queries. A genuine feature of the Clayton campus are the facilities available. The newly renovated Matheson library is a great place to study, with a wide range of literature available. As well as this, there are many places to eat on campus, which includes vegan options. A fantastic place to study!

    6. Nauman Monash University

      I am doing the Masters in Law program from Monash. It is a great program with a lot of options to choose from for your specialisation , my specialiston is commercial law. There is plenty of choice in the courses that you want to take and Monash offers different courses each semester. However I did feel that the masters program doesn’t increase the employability if international students with non Australian law degrees in the legal field. There are seminars that take place which provide information regarding future employment. The teachers are great aswell they are forerunners of their respective fields.

    7. Nauman Monash University

      I study at the Monash Univeristy Law Chambers, doing my masters. The location for the campus is really good as it is in the legal precinct right in the heart of the city. The law campus has a library which is equipped with all the books you need, and a kitchen aswell. The administration at the Univeristy is helpful specially for international students, the administration keeps in touch with you to know your progress. They also take feedback on the teachers and their methodology of teaching.

    8. tfar0002 Monash University

      Having completed one year of a Bachelor of Science and midway through the first year of a Bachelor of Paramedicine, I’ve found Monash University to be amazing. The staff are always helpful, the locations of the different campuses maintain high quality learning environments and the variety and quality of courses are excellent. Every campus has great facilities like free bus shuttles between, plenty of parking, plenty of study spaces, libraries, gyms, computer labs and plenty of places to eat. I would always recommend studying at Monash University. The living accommodation at Clayton campus is amazing, the halls of residence is so social and welcoming and the urban community is fully equip for independent living. Such a great place to study!

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