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  • Our student satisfaction ranks the highest among all the Victorian universities, and has done for the last six years. It’s thanks to everything from our first-rate teaching to our varied work placements that make us the first choice for students.
    With Deakin, you get it all: innovative teaching, award-winning courses and world-class facilities. Our flexible study options, opportunities to study abroad and work placement programs mean you don’t just study a course at Deakin – you get a great experience while getting ahead in your career.

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    8 Reviews on “Deakin University”

    1. Sarath Vegasana Deakin University

      Deakin is the best place to study or pursue your interests. They have an online platform too which is beneficial. The campus is huge and beautiful with state of the art facilities.

      The library has a wide range of books and scholarly articles. It has so many student clubs and activities to match your interests.

      Overall, it is a beautiful campus and the best place to study.

    2. pkpatel Deakin University

      You will not regret studying at this university, the amount of flexibility you get is excellent. Also they got multiple study support resources like seminars, workshops, consultations, online discussion forum. You will not stop getting useful information regarding the units you study. I’m doing 3rd year Bachelor of commerce taking accounting as major.

    3. jlhmteach Deakin University

      I have now over the course of my Education Career studied at three separate Deakin campuses, and this campus is by far the best. The Campus is large, clean and green, with various areas to study both in the Library and Outdoor environments, offering things such as bench seats with power points outdoors, encouraging them to go outside. The Library is open till midnight most nights, and the librarians are exceptionally helpful. The facilities in the library are fantastic and extensive, covering texts as usual and including a large resource library for education students. The food offered is also very good, and fairly priced.
      There is a question of safety at night, as there is a public walkway and small river that cuts between the two wings on campus, and when you are timetabled in different classrooms across the river crossing it at night is unsafe.
      Parking is quite expensive for students, and the campus is located quite a distance from the nearest train station.

    4. shrutirsingh Deakin University

      The university provides with the best education in all fields. I am a first year postgrad student of architecture and I couldn’t have asked for a better staff and student help. The uni has great curriculum and activities along with it. The campus is beautiful with all amenities.
      Excellent amenities and great student services make Deakin the most sought after university in Australia. The staff and mentors are a great help, and the uni is fun with lots of exciting activities all around the year. Ranked with 5 stars in QS ranking for art and architecture, it’s the most preferred for masters in architecture.

    5. Silentmind100 Deakin University

      Deakin University is a beautiful modern university in the heart of East Melbourne.

      After having completed my bachelor of Food and Nutrition , there’s very little negatives about this university. It’s well maintained and clearly well run by their staff members. There are some minor annoyances such as parking and lack of student advisers during peak times but i’m nitpicking here. Overall you’ll get good food, a healthy calm environment and a helpful staff throughout your time here at university. There are hundreds of courses to choose from and helpful staff members to assist you throughout the year. Deakin University gets a 5/5 from me !

    6. rionalou Deakin University

      Deakin University is a beautiful modern University, that has amazing libraries with fast wifi, and everything a student needs to do assignments. The on residential areas are average, but are constantly being renovated and updated. The teachers and lecturers are very friendly and helpful. And I did not meet one rude teacher while I was at University. The university has high security and feels very safe. Food facilities are amazing, with multiple cafes and restaurants on site.
      The University has so many different options to study, and such helpful career advisers there for support. I would totally recommend Deakin to anyone who is considering this University!

    7. muhib Deakin University

      Deakin University has a huge campus with lots of facilities. Student clubs which are always active provide students to socialise and maintain proper study-life balance. Deakin University has various platforms through which it provides different services to the students and graduates like Deakin talent for job purposes, study abroad programs for internship and trimester abroad program. Deakin University provides an overall opportunity for every student to excel in their field of interest. The staff and course faculties are very understanding and all the units are taught starting from the basic. Deakin University is also has a platform for part-time and casual jobs for both local and international student which is just provided by this university.

    8. Pav Deakin University

      I am pursuing Masters in Information Technology (Professional) at Deakin University. This is my first university outside my home country and I have good experience until now with the course studies and infrastructure. Deakin has a beautiful big campus and nice cafes. The practical labs have latest technology equipments with well knowledged lecturers. The library facility is amazing and theh provide future learn online trainings at Uni which is very beneficial.
      There are many career opportunities provided by Deakin DUSA team which helps us to take up internships. Hoping to get one soon. Also DUSA has many intra uni events which are fun and educative.
      Talking about environment and cafeterias, since I am from India, I feel the Uni lacks with multi cuisine restaurants as there are no Indian restaurants in and around campus even when the majority of students are International mostly from Asia. This has been quite challenging for me.

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