• The remarkable people who better our world, the remarkable experiences that transform people and communities, and the remarkable contributions that change the future forever.

    We know success often comes from being an exception to the norm—challenging convention, adapting and innovating, creating bold new trends and pioneering solutions ahead of their time. At Griffith, remarkable is the norm.

    Since we started teaching over 40 years ago, we’ve been deeply connected to the Asian region, socially conscious and environmentally aware, an integral part of the community and heavily industry focused. We’ve also become a comprehensive, research-intensive university, ranking in the top 3% of universities worldwide.

    Our teaching and research spans five campuses in South East Queensland and all disciplines, while our network of more than 200,000 graduates extends around the world.

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    1. rheemussig Griffith University

      I am currently studying a bachelor of nursing full time at Griffith University. So far I have found the University very welcoming to their students and provide all the resources needed to pass your subject to you. I have found their teachers fairly good to work with and there is a real sense of community at the University. Their sim labs for our subject are great we have some of the best facilities available for student use at the campus and the teachers for that are very knowledgeable. I find it very easy to communicate with fellow students and teachers through the online system available. The facilities are great and the campus offers so many activities for students to be a part of.

    2. daniellemichaela Griffith University

      I am in my final trimester of my bachelor of business and overall think Griffith is a great university. I go to the Nathan campus which although a little outdated, still has everything you need. The campus is quiet and great if you get lost easily (like me) as its smaller than the gold coast campus. In terms of the course lecturers are great and I have always found marking to be fair and tutors approachable. Degrees are also flexible and the student centre on campus is helpful to discuss any issues or changes to your degree. Food options are quite limited and things are closed fairly often but there is always something if you are someone who buys food often. The SRC has great offers and student activities on different days which are great fun to attend.

    3. Kayls.1998 Griffith University

      As a current student at Griffith Law School (GLS), I have found the entire course to be nothing but remarkable. As one of the leading universities of Queensland, as an institution, Griffith University strives on nothing but success in students both current and past. Whilst I can praise the university, I can only relate to how great GLS really is.

      As a first year student, every single staff member has the same goal in mind. To teach to the best of their ability and create students that will grow to become a successful lawyer in what ever their chosen field will be. The teachers and course convenors will always be there to listen and will assist in any way they can, making your experience truly once in a lifetime. Griffith Law School isn’t just a degree, it’s a family.

    4. mitchelk911 Griffith University

      The campus has the equipment necessary but is a little outdated. The teaching staff are all friendly and invested in student success, and the Mt Gravatt campus, is small enough that you never really get lost. Generally a lot of nice quiet places to study but not much in the way of facilities for socialising, just a few canteens that close early. Overall, a friendly and well-equipped uni.

    5. RepsajGrebo Griffith University

      Currently studying a double degree at Griffith’s gold coast campus. Campus life is great! (although expensive) there seems to be a lot of life and the recent renovations and refirbishments help as well. The trams are great for transport and the location is convienent. As far as teachings go, I’ve personally hadn’t had much concern excpet for one of my subjects which was handled quite poorly making the content quite unorganised. The rest of the courses have been great. Uni bar is cool, the student guild kind of control everything as far as student activities with some hits and misses. Campus is quite big and can be easy to get lost until you get used to your timetables. Not the best University, but defiently beats most of it’s competition.

    6. Amani Griffith University

      I am a current student in Nursing at Griffith, this instituation is great. Its encorperation of technology with hands on practical skills is well thought out. Courses are always being updated, lecturers and staff are friendly and helpful. If your considering changing or starting university Griffith is definitely worth while. Its fees aren’t drastic and the facilities are well updates and modern.

    7. Ryok Griffith University

      I have just finished bachelor of human services at Griffith University on Gold Coast campus. The facilities there are adequate particularly I liked 24hrs opened study rooms. That have decent numbers of computers so when it’s not the peak time, you can have the computers. Also Griffith has got many and flexible degree options and career assistant staffs are always happy to help to choose the right degree. As I am an international student, I used their international student advisor services. They were really helpful and I was able to solve my financial issue. In contrast, there are often technical issues going including assignment submission via online. It is frustrating and they need to improve their system.
      Overall, I had a good experience and gained knowledge needed for what I want to do in my future career. I totally recommend this uni.

    8. usama Griffith University

      I am doing my masters at Griffith and my experience so far is great. They are organized, the course content is relevant and practical, and the teaching staff are all from within the industry with a passion for their jobs. Most importantly, resources for the courses are easily accessible and I know exactly what is expected of me. It is student eccentric; they are very helpful and focused on making the study experience a good one for the students. Even the head of department is contactable for me, and takes a direct interest in how I am traveling (not just me, all students within the degree)

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