• The University of Sydney has been ranked in the world’s top 50 in four subjects in the Times Higher Education 2017-18 World University Rankings by subject and in the top 100 for a further six.

    Education and Law were ranked globally 24 and 33 respectively. Both were previously ranked as part of social sciences but this year were listed as separate subjects by Times Higher Education (THE).

    Clinical, Pre-clinical and Health, considered as one subject ranked 37 and Life Sciences ranked 47, an impressive improvement from last year’s 60 ranking.

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    1. Toon University of Sydney (USYD)

      USYD has a wide range of facilities, unique building, great student support. There are plenty of learning spaces, study hubs, and libraries across the campus. In term of student support, there are exceptionally support especially for international students. The Learning Center provides support about English and academic skills which includes various workshops that students can join for free. Also, there are more than a hundred clubs and society for students to join in order to gain another experience apart from studying.
      Overall, I think I made the right decision to accept the offer from USYD and I am so glad to be a part of this prestigious institution.

    2. jessicat University of Sydney (USYD)

      The university of sydney has many campuses but I have only been to cumberland campus. It is a great location, not too far away from the train station. Would highly recommend the facilities there to any family or friends. The technology on campus is a bit outdated but you still have everything you need. The library has good openining hours but doesn’t open until late like the main campus. There are many food options on site and you will not be disappointed! There is aboriginal artwork as well which is a refreshing change and it is full of lovely spots to eat and have a chat.

    3. simon University of Sydney (USYD)

      Maybe it was just me, or maybe my cohort, but I found that University of Sydney is all prestige and no community. It is incredibly difficult to make friends unless you commit yourself to a society or SRC, which not everyone has the luxury of doing due to time constraints or work commitments.

      I found most of the Arts tutorials to be tense, highly competitive, judgemental, and generally uninspiring environments. It’s ironic that university is supposed to encourage critical thinking yet students are judged so harshly for expressing a unique opinion. I barely felt motivated to contribute to discussions because of this unwelcoming environment. Aside from some nice people, I found most students to be cliquey and condescending.

      I attended a smaller university before Sydney and the learning environments were wildly different – very collaborative, enjoyable, helpful, personal, and inspiring.

      The course content is really interesting, but not done justice by the suffocating learning environments.

    4. annalise University of Sydney (USYD)

      I’m in my third year at usyd, one semester away from graduating a bachelor of design in architecture. I have really enjoyed my time at this institution and have not experienced any major problems whilst studying here. The teaching quality is high and there are great opportunities for more practical learning experiences outside of the classroom. For example I spent a week in WA completing an elective and also spent a semester on a construction site for another one. The process for student exchange here is lengthy but worthwhile and if you are organized you can make it happen. One of the only things I don’t like about usyd is that you have to pay an access membership each year to participate in clubs and societies. Despite this I would highly recommend the uni, especially for its beautiful campus!

    5. hanster University of Sydney (USYD)

      I do not regret my choice in accepting USyd’s offer in their MD course. It has only been a short 2 years but I have made friends (both domestic and international students) whom I know will last me a life time. As friends in the same course, we will also be colleagues in the future, and USyd has given us a wonderful platform to launch our future networks and careers with its holistic education and student activities. The university’s campus is always bustling with life and activities. The campus is also conveniently located in the city and close to everywhere you’d want to be. Built way back in time, the USyd campus boasts beautiful renaissance-looking, and newer state-of-art buildings, which reflects the character of the lectures they hold inside their buildings.

    6. aliu University of Sydney (USYD)

      How do I start…I love USYD as it not only gave me the best learning experience but also provided great opportunities. I did a Master degree in Digital Communication and Culture. It’s good course with up-to-date knowledge and perspectives. USYD in general gives you a lot of freedom in taking courses from other faculties, which is really great and helps you expand knowledge as well as explore other areas of your interest.

      I studied in Camperdown campus, which is the biggest one with nice facilities and fun campus life. Location is perfect – close enough to the city and right next to Newtown. Would definitely recommend USYD for students of any level!

    7. peacemaker University of Sydney (USYD)

      University of Sydney deserves to be on the top 3 of the Best Australian Universities, top 50 all over the world. It has the most competent professors, excellent student and world class facilities. It is also the best research institution all over the world. It has the highest employability rate.

      It is also PWD friendly. It has facilities that are suitable for the need of persons with disabilities. It embraces the culture of other nations, no discrimination, and open minded.

      Lastly, there is study-life balance. There are are a lots of societies and clubs that you can choose from. From sports to arts and politics.

    8. alicekary University of Sydney (USYD)

      I studied two majors (Socio-legal Studies and Sociology) under the Bachelor of Arts degree. The assignments in the arts degree are mainly essay-based, which provided me with an opportunity to improve my academic writing skills and my understanding of how the law can influence people’s behaviours. I obtained valuable knowledge from my arts degree that can borden my horizon and strengthen my skills to complete my law degree.

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