You like working mainly with your hands making, fixing, assembling or building things, using and operating equipment, tools or machines.

You often like to work outdoors.

Using and operating tools, equipment and machinery, designing, building, repairing, maintaining, measuring, working in detail, driving, moving, caring for animals, working with plants.

You like to discover and research ideas, observe, investigate and experiment, ask questions and solve questions.

Thinking analytically and logically, computing, communicating by writing and speaking, designing, formulating, calculating, diagnosing, experimenting, investigating.

You like using words, art, music or drama to express yourself, communicate or perform or you like to create or design things.

Expressing artistically or physically, communicating by speaking, writing and singing, performing, designing, presenting, planning, composing, playing, dancing.

You like working with people to teach, train, inform, help, treat, heal, cure, serve and greet.

You are concerned for others’ well-being and welfare.

Communicating by writing and speaking, caring and supporting, training, meeting, greeting, assisting, teaching, informing, interviewing, coaching.

You like meeting people, leading, talking to and influencing others, encouraging others, working in business.

Selling, promoting and persuading, developing ideas, public speaking, managing, organising, leading and captaining, computing, planning.

You like working indoors and at tasks that involve organising and being accurate, following procedures, working with data or numbers, planning work and events.

Computing and keyboarding, recording and keeping records, paying attention to detail, meeting and greeting, doing calculations, handling money, organising, arranging, working independently.

Holland Code Career Test
Occupations: Pilot, farmer, horticulturist, builder, engineer, armed services personnel, mechanic, upholsterer, electrician, computer technologist, park ranger, sportsperson.
Occupations: Science, research, medical and health occupations, chemist, marine scientist, forestry technician, medical or agricultural laboratory technician, zoologist, dentist, GP.
Occupations: Artist, illustrator, photographer, signwriter , composer, singer, instrument player, dancer, actor, reporter, writer, editor, hairdresser, fashion designer.
Occupations: Teacher, nurse, counsellor, police officer, social worker, salesperson, customer secretary, service officer, waiter.
Occupations: Salesperson, lawyer, politician, accountant, business owner, executive or manager, travel agent, music or sports promoter.
Occupations: Secretary, receptionist, office worker, librarian, bank clerk, computer operator, stores and dispatch clerk.

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