Following My Hypnotic Dream



My heart called for it since I was a child after seeing a cool guy on a TV show, I wanted to be a hypnotist. No matter what. That was just so cool!!! Then I saw a stage hypnotist in person when I was a teenager, I absolutely had to follow this dream, but it did not seem normal as a 19 year old girl to want to be a hypnotist and I really didn’t know what to do about it….


I tried the main stream. Studied hospitality at TAFE, and after not being able to find a steady job, I ended up in retail. Luckily my skills transferred over easily, just less food mess to worry about. My true calling was still there to be a hypnotic entertainer but I did not know how to reach it.


After a brush up with depression I was lucky enough to encounter a hypnotherapist, by chance! My experience was amazing. My life was transformed and I became alive again. I could not believe how this had happened to me by chance, and it just made my heart grow fonder of this art… I needed to learn to do this!


I Googled hypnotherapy college and I was so excited to find one in my city! 12 months later, and many horrible business type assignments later… Business plan, human anatomy, case studies, I was a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) but I knew that was not my only calling. I told them at the college that I wanted to be a stage hypnotist and they where anything but supportive and told me that was not the right place for a lady. I had a fire in my belly to prove them wrong.


So I trained with a handful of international stage hypnotists who shared their art, I would have never known about their programs if I hadn’t of networked with the other stage hypnotists and therapists around the country and the world. Social media of a fantastic tool! I have several close hypnotist friends who do shows all over the country and I have been privileged to be able to assist them with their shows, learn to set up and pack down a stage, sound equipment, music, safety for the volunteers and myself, and also importantly being confident on a stage in front of 10…20…100 or even 500 people I also made a trip to the USA to attend the 3 day HYPNOTHOUGHTS conference in Vegas, I attended classes covering everything to different therapy techniques, meditation, business and marketing, instant hypnosis, AND spoon bending (yep, that one was a bit different…)


I’m now in the process of making my small Facebook business page into a website and a show real, booking forms and also links to therapy. These are skills I am having to teach myself because it was not covered in my hypnotherapy course.


Attending the hypnotherapy college gave me the skills I need to start up my business and attain the right certifications and insurance, it also gave me the skills to help people who are stuck out their lives, with depression, anxiety etc. Attending the classes with the international trainers absolutely boosted my confidence and meeting like-minded people fuelled my passion to travel the world and make people smile.


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