• The Master of Divinity is a professional degree in Theology. It is suitable for those preparing for professional ministry in Christian churches and, more generally, for those seeking a deeper, critical understanding of the Christian tradition. It is the study and interpretation of the sources, history, beliefs and practices of the Christian religious tradition. You will study units in biblical studies, church history, systematic theology and practical theology.

    You can choose between the coursework or research study option. The coursework option is appropriate for those who wish to study for a professional qualification as the academic component of preparation for ordination. It is also the best option for those seeking broad knowledge of the range of theological disciplines. The research option is appropriate for those who wish to specialise in one or more specific areas of Theology, particularly those who may wish to progress to a higher degree by research.

    This course is a professional qualification for ministry. When completed in conjunction with prescribed Church requirements, it is a recognised university qualification in Western Australia for ordination in the Anglican Church of Australia and the Uniting Church of Australia.

    If you are studying Theology and training for ordained ministry you will need to be selected by your respective church. In addition, if you are a teacher who is aiming to work in religious schools, you may need to study Theology to enhance your career prospects. Other employment prospects exist as church youth workers and chaplains in government schools.

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