• The welfare and protection of people in the workplace from incidents such as accidents, explosions, fires, and generally health-threatening conditions is the responsibility of industry and government agencies. Their role is to avoid costs for individuals, workplaces and the entire nation. This has created a huge demand for professionals with qualifications in Safety Science, as employers are hiring staff to manage and minimise such risks.

    The discipline of Safety Science is applied world-wide in areas such as teaching, learning and research in the science and technology of human and industrial safety. It also extends to transport, energy or infrastructure, as well as other hazardous activities. In this course you’ll develop the critical skills needed by Safety Scientists to recognise, evaluate and control situations to prevent harm to people, property, and the environment. Experts in this expanding field range from social scientists to engineers.

    The graduate diploma is designed for working professionals who wish to advance their career in this growing field. It also provides the opportunity for recent graduates to gain post-graduate qualifications in Safety Science and enhance their employment opportunities.

    The curriculum in Safety Science is rich in the disciplines of science, safety, health and environment and will also provide you with a valuable insight into engineering, systems analysis, management, human relations and communications. This course is also comprised of units offered by the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences and the School of Psychology and Exercise Science.

    Graduates of the Diploma in Safety Science can find employment in industrial or government organisations as safety professionals in a managerial OSH role, which requires a minimum Postgraduate Diploma level degree. While the degrees currently in the market are lacking a strong engineering and psychological focus in their courses, businesses demand knowledge of process safety and engineering concepts to improve safety culture through understanding assessment, behavioural based safety and change management principles. As these skills are becoming essential employment requirements of OSH professionals, the Graduate Diploma in Safety targets this niche within the OSH market.

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