• In this course you’ll explore classical and modern physics and examine the rapidly developing area of nanoscience and nanotechnology. You’ll learn about mechanics and waves, quantum theory, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, the physics of materials and applications of nanotechnology.

    As part of your studies you’ll develop advanced skills in applied mathematics and chemistry, and a range of problem-solving and analytical skills that are in high demand with employers. You could pursue a career in a wide variety of fields including universities, government institutions and private companies in areas such as pure research, research and development, education, strategy, quantitative analysis, quality control, health and medical physics, environmental monitoring, meteorology and astronomy.

    To expand your expertise and career prospects even further, you can combine Physics and Nanotechnology with another major such as Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics or Secondary Teaching (Science Combined with Mathematics).

    This degree has been accredited by the Australian Institute of Physics. When you graduate, you can apply to the Academic Chair to become a member of the Australian Institute of Physics and the Institute of Physics in the UK.

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