• “Outdoor Recreation in the School of Health Sciences, aims to provide essential knowledge, practical skills and leadership opportunities to individuals who want to work in the outdoor industry.

    The course is designed to meet a growing demand in Western Australia for qualified individuals within recreation, adventure tourism, eco-tourism and educational settings. Professionals in this field need to have the skills to design appropriate, needs-based and enjoyable programs to which clients are committed. They require the ability to blend practical outdoor skills, evaluate needs, design, plan, and implement safe outdoor programs.

    Practical competence and professional standards are at the core of this undergraduate program. An experiential approach is considered to be the essence of outdoor learning. Learning in the outdoors demands that the relationship between theory and practice is clearly understood.

    This course is suited to students interested in Outdoor Recreation as a professional focus and those who want to learn how to design and implement outdoor recreation programs for individuals and groups of all ages.

    The philosophical approach of the program at Notre Dame includes a strong commitment to best practice in achieving a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and developing a solid relationship with the outdoors.”

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