• The School of Psychological Science is a leader in clinical psychology training, with half a century of experience combined with a strong commitment to ongoing program innovation in health care. This combined course is intended for students who wish to acquire the skills to practice as a clinical psychologist, whilst making an original and substantial contribution to knowledge concerning clinical psychology through their doctoral research.

    This course synthesises Master of Clinical Psychology and PhD training across a four-year period of study. If you’re motivated to become future leaders in the field of clinical psychology by developing and combining high-level skills in clinical practice and research, this course is intended for you. You’ll develop skills in ways that will enable you to both engage effectively in professional practice and significantly advance the discipline.

    The Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Clinical Psychology has been awarded Conditional Accreditation by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), and graduates are eligible to register with the Psychology Board of Australia and practice as a psychologist with an area of practice endorsement in Clinical Psychology.

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