• The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) is a challenging and research-oriented four-year degree. The course offers an innovative curriculum with an individually designed academic program, focusing on your chosen area of specialisation.
    In addition, to innovative research project work, the course includes a scholarship-supported study abroad experience, academic mentoring, high-level communications training, professional skills development and an on-campus residential experience prior to the start of first semester (usually in the week prior to orientation).
    This highly competitive course is unique in Western Australia and represents an exciting and distinctive experience for high-achieving students.
    The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) course ensures you to develop high-level research and communication skills that prepare you for the challenges of achieving the highest international standards of excellence. While many graduates will choose to pursue further studies or a career in research, the intensive focus of the degree on developing analytical, teamwork and communication skills will ensure you are highly employable upon graduation.
    The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) gives you the freedom to choose a major from any field of study within Arts, Biomedical Science, Commerce or Science. It is an integrated honours degree with research embedded throughout the four-year course and the opportunity to learn a language.
    The Summer Residence, held prior to the start of your first semester, is an integral part of the course and is designed to introduce you to the academic expectations of this degree as well as given you the opportunity to meet other students in the course. In your first semester, you will complete the first-level unit – Global Challenges, Research and Leadership – and take part in a group research project. This forms the basis of your subsequent research training.
    Throughout your course you will participate in collaborative and interdisciplinary research projects, work closely with a research mentor from your chosen field of study, develop your own research project with an academic supervisor, present your research orally, produce a research dissertation, undertake an overseas study experience, and have the opportunity to meet international research leaders visiting the University.
    Entry to this course is extremely competitive. The entry requirement for this course is an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of at least 98.00 in most cases, supplemented by some special admission pathways, and places are limited. Before nominating your degree-specific major (and second major where relevant) you must have satisfied any specified prerequisites for the major.
    The Summer Residence is a requirement of this course and all students are expected to attend.
    Graduates will have a wealth of opportunities upon graduation. You can choose to complete postgraduate study by coursework and/or research, including courses leading to professional qualifications, or may prefer to enter the workforce directly after completing your undergraduate degree.

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