• The Bachelor of Advanced Science is designed for talented science students who seek a course which offers them the opportunity to develop their research and/or entrepreneurial skills from the first year of their course. It offers you the flexibility to tailor research and industry experience in a way that works for you, and gives you access to advanced level courses leading to an Honours degree. The course integrates a core of scientific inquiry and research skills, entrepreneurship and leadership to develop the next generation of scientists with the mix of creativity, autonomy and knowledge necessary for resilience in a changing employment landscape.

    This course offers a wide range of majors to allow you to pursue your specific interests:

    Agricultural Science
    Coastal and Marine Science
    Data Science
    Environmental Science
    Financial Mathematics
    Geographic Information Science
    Industrial and Applied Mathematics
    Molecular Genetics
    Please note, beginning your studies in July may increase the duration of this course beyond four years due to unit availabilities.

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