• This major will prepare you with content and pedagogical knowledge to teach the Mathematics curriculum from Years 7 to 12. If you would like more information about the content of the curriculum in Western Australia, please see the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) website.

    Second specialisation stream
    In addition to your major mathematics teaching area, you will choose a second specialisation stream from one of the following options:
    Minor teaching area – this will be a teaching area other than mathematics
    Broadening mathematics – additional content and curriculum units in mathematics
    Education specialty – additional education units and mathematics curriculum units
    The Mathematics Education Major is part of the Bachelor of Education (Secondary Education).

    You will complete four professional experience placements in this course. These placements provide opportunities to practice and demonstrate the skills and knowledge gained under the supervision of a mentor teacher. There may be opportunities for a country, interstate or overseas placement.

    The final professional experience placement is referred to as the Internship and is conducted over one school term in a full time block mode. The Internship is undertaken in a school setting. There may be opportunities for a ‘country practice’ or an interstate Internship placement.

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