• The world needs pharmacists. As the experts on medicines and the way they interact with the body, pharmacists play a vital role in improving the health of their communities. As the global population grows and ages, and as medicines become more complex, the need for pharmacists intensifies.

    In 2017 we were named #2 in the world for pharmacy and pharmacology in the QS World University Rankings by Subject. Only Harvard ranked higher. In part, this is because we believe the world doesn’t just deserve more pharmacists; it deserves better pharmacists. We’ve launched the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) / Master of Pharmacy to ensure our graduates go out into the world equipped with a higher level of learning.

    Same duration, higher qualification
    The pathway to registration as a pharmacist in Australia generally takes five years. Traditionally, this has been structured as a four-year bachelor degree plus a one-year internship. Our BPharm(Hons)/ MPharm takes the same amount of time but instead you’ll graduate with a master as well as a bachelor. This course has all the required accreditations from the Australian Pharmacy Council.

    The fifth year of the course combines a year of supervised practice (which is paid), with intern studies (Intern Training Program and Intern Foundation Program). This intensive combination of learning and working prepares you for registration as a pharmacist. It will be your responsibility to arrange the internship and ensure you have faculty approval.

    Focus on the skills you need to make a difference
    Our course ensures you have a thorough grasp of the underlying scientific disciplines – chemistry, biology, pharmacology and so on. But it also focuses on the key soft skills that make the difference between a good pharmacist and a great one. You’ll step up your skills through work placements in community pharmacies, hospitals, and other environments, practicing these skills while learning from some of Australia’s best pharmacists.

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