• The world is awash with information. In the last 5 years we’ve produced and recorded more information than in the previous 50,000 years; and almost all of this new information is digital.

    Informatics is about using computers to work with digital information – gathering, using, storing, retrieving, and visualising information and data. It is the study of tools and technologies to solve problems in all types of settings, such as finance, economics, journalism, biology, health, engineering and communication. Informatics is available to students through the Bachelor of Science. It can also be studied as breadth for Arts, Commerce, Environments and Music students, leading to a concurrent Diploma in Informatics.

    Informatics students map data from a global network of temperature sensors, use linguistic modelling to try to understand how language has changed over time, track global trends in finance and cross-reference against off-the wire news stories. They design web pages, build web applications with a simple and powerful programming language and work with sophisticated graphics processing packages to solve practical information-based problems.

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