• Accounting is the language of business. Organisations use accounting to demonstrate performance to external parties, and managers use accounting to understand the workings within an organisation. The ability to understand and interpret information is crucial, because numerous stakeholders and users need to know how organisations operate and perform.

    Professional accountants are valued in every industry, especially as the accounting field becomes exceptionally sophisticated. Because accountants act as strategic advisers and business partners, they must understand business issues and processes and have the skills necessary for sound decision making.

    Accounting studies will help you understand the financial structure of organisations and teach you to produce and analyse financial information. Accounting leads to a career path with countless possibilities – you can work in any role, in any sector, in countries around the world. Accountants work in every area of business and are in demand in many

    Melbourne Commerce graduates are eligible to apply for associate membership of these associations:

    CPA Australia
    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
    Institute of Public Accountants.

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