• Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) concerns the application of scientific principles to understand the nature of risks to the safety of people in workplaces. It is a multidisciplinary profession with applications in all industries and commerce.

    Both community expectation and government legislation demand an increasingly higher level of protection for employees and the community from risks that threaten their safety and health. As such, there is also an increasing demand in society for professionals with experience and qualifications in OHS.

    The Master in OHS builds on your learning from the Graduate Diploma in OHS and provides you with the opportunity to undertake:

    a substantial research activity, allowing you to reflect on OHS theory and practice
    specialist occupational hygiene courses in addition to an occupational hygiene research project – this minor is suitable for students wanting to become occupational hygiene specialists
    courses from the RMIT MBA program in addition to an OHS management implementation project – this option is suitable for students looking to move into OHS management roles.

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