• Demonstrate a comprehensive and integrated understanding of health informatics as a discipline and a profession by articulating:

    In-depth specialised knowledge of contemporary trends, issues, policy and practice in health informatics.
    Advanced knowledge of the theoretical perspectives that shape the discipline and profession.
    Comprehensive knowledge of the range of research principles and methods applicable to health informatics research and evidence-based practice.
    Demonstrate expert cognitive and practical skills by:

    Applying socio-technical approaches to analyse complex problems and generate effective and innovative responses in the context of health informatics professional practice.
    Critically analysing and generating solutions to the social, ethical and legal issues associated with the introduction and use of electronic information systems.
    Developing practical, ethical solutions that seek to balance stakeholder perspectives.
    Apply knowledge and skills to:

    Demonstrate leadership, expert judgement and self-management as a health informatics professional.
    Further the growth of health informatics as an academic discipline and profession.

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