• The Master of Surgery (Breast Surgery) is offered in 2 formats.

    Option 1: A combination of coursework and research dissertation
    Having chosen this option you will undertake a research project in breast surgery which will be the subject of your dissertation. In addition you will be required to undertake one core Unit of Study and 4 elective Units of Study. The program complements the practical experience you obtain through the hospital based training program of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

    This course is not a qualification to practice surgery, it is very relevant to postgraduate students who aspire to an academic or teaching hospital career, in addition to potential employers who look to the acquisition of a postgraduate degree in surgery as a desirable condition of appointment.

    Option 2 Coursework only

    Having chosen this option you will undertake breast surgery coursework designed to provide breast surgeons with the latest in-depth knowledge of breast oncology and breast surgical and oncoplastic techniques. You will complete the following stream specific units of study plus one core and 3 elective units of study:

    Basic Sciences and Benign Disease
    Malignant Breast Disease & MDTs
    Oncoplastic Breast Surgery I
    Oncoplastic Breast Surgery II
    The breast surgery coursework will help you refine your clinical judgement in choosing surgical options for your patients, preparing you for the subtle complexities of contemporary multidisciplinary breast cancer care. The knowledge you develop will complement the practical experience gained during post-fellowship training offered by BreastSurgANZ, and augment your research, leadership and communication skills.

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