• The Master of Information Technology (16 subjects) is designed for students
    who want to gain a specialist IT postgraduate degree but who don’t have
    a recognised bachelor’s degree.

    The aim of the Master of Information Technology is to provide students
    with the theoretical knowledge and technical and communication skills
    necessary to succeed as a computing professional. Students will also
    acquire valuable research and problem-solving skills. Students will study
    one or more specialisations in the areas of computer networks, software
    development, ICT management, network security, and systems analysis.
    The course is practically-focused, and all students will complete a final
    year capstone subject to demonstrate their specialist knowledge in
    a professional context.

    The course provides you with an advanced IT qualification. You’ll be encouraged
    to choose a specialism while studying core subjects such as ethics, project
    management, database systems and computer organisation and architecture.

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