• This program produces critically informed contemporary media professionals who are creative and multi-skilled communicators.

    Our graduates are able to deliver innovative content for a wide range of existing and new platforms including film, television and radio, social and mobile media, and the web.

    Situated in a purpose-designed building in the heart of vibrant Melbourne, this program accesses state-of-the-art learning facilities. This program’s unique combination of industry training and academic study will teach you to analyse media in a broad historical and cultural context, as well as encourage critical engagement and innovation across a range of media platforms.

    Ultimately the program will provide you with a broad knowledge of a wide range of media including traditional and emerging forms. It will also provide skills and knowledge that will help you to determine your specific career directions and to facilitate lifelong learning.

    Our graduates are fluent with technology and the evolving media environment and are creative thinkers and problem-solvers employed across a wide range of industry sectors. Industries that program graduates have moved into include film and television, radio, screen culture, internet and mobile media production, government and education.

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