• The Master of Business Administration (Executive) is designed to accommodate professionals who may need to balance the competing pressures of family, work and lifestyle. The course is offered in intensive mode, with each unit delivered over two weekends. Units are taught individually over twelve Professional Terms. The degree is generalist in focus, with units covering the managing of money, people, knowledge, markets and strategy.

    The learning experience is designed to strengthen managerial ability and in particular aids in the move from management to executive responsibility. It includes the latest theory and practical knowledge, but is also built on reflection on experience. As such, only managers or professionals with at least three years’ experience can be admitted to the course. The aim of the course is to take students on a journey through the challenges and possibilities of modern business theories and practices. Each of the twelve units is taught by highly qualified and experienced specialists in a small group setting.

    The course will be delivered in seminar format, characterised by the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience, rather than having formal lectures and tutorials. Students will be assessed on their understanding of concepts and processes and their ability to apply them innovatively and ethically to real-world issues.

    The MBA (Executive) includes 11 specified units and 1 business elective unit. There are three capstone components included in the MBA (Executive): the Strategic Management for Sustainability unit, the Ethical Leadership and Social Responsibility unit, and the International Study Tour or the International Business Environment unit.

    The intensive international study tour provides essential research driven learning. Students will be completing assessment items which require them to critically reflect upon information that they have gathered in preparation for their visits, during the visits and following the visits to a number of organisations.

    A student who has completed the requirements prescribed for the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (Executive) or the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Executive) may exit from the course with the relevant award by arrangement with the Course Coordinator.

    Special teaching arrangements can be made for corporate clients who sponsor cohorts.
    This course is also available in Graduate Certificate

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