• ACU offers a flexible, work-friendly model of day and evening classes to suit your busy lifestyle. You can study via part-time evening classes or full-time weekdays, or mix this up to fit your study and work schedule.

    The Bachelor of Business Administration/Bachelor of Laws is designed to produce well- rounded graduates ready for legal practice and a range of professional careers in an increasingly global environment.

    As a graduate you can pursue a range of legal careers including:

    private practice as a solicitor or barrister
    legal officer in the public sector
    in-house counsel for a wide range of organisations including corporations, regulatory authorities and NGOs.
    In addition to a career in the law, this double degree is excellent preparation for careers in accounting, administration, banking, business analysis/development, business management, regulatory compliance, communications, computing, financial management, human resource management, international business, international marketing, management consultancy, marketing recruitment, staff development and sales.

    As part of this degree you complete up to 160 hours of pro bono work (after your first year), providing you with firsthand experience of the legal system while allowing you to contribute to the common good.

    You will also study business administration, which provides knowledge in many areas of business management including:

    business information systems
    commercial law
    human resource management
    international business
    occupational health, safety and environment.
    Completing a Bachelor of Business Administration/Bachelor of Laws is excellent preparation for a career in:

    public and policy administration.

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