• The building industry needs engineering professionals with strong architectural knowledge.

    The combination of architectural design with civil engineering is an exploration of creative solutions to a wide variety of engineering and social problems, like looking at sustainable ways to build or renovating existing structures to work more efficiently.

    You will graduate with valuable skills for transforming the built environment, from the design of buildings or bridges to renovating existing structures to work more efficiently. The ability to provide solutions through creative thinking and realistic applications will make you attractive to architectural and engineering firms in Australia and overseas.

    This course leads to two separate degrees:

    – the Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours), and
    – the Bachelor of Architectural Design.

    You will gain all the benefits of each degree course (see Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Architectural Design) and be fully equipped to pursue a career in either or both in combination.

    As a multifaceted build environment professional, you can provide important leadership in the design and construction of the built environment, collaborating with architects, engineers, builders and other design professionals.

    Upon completion of the double degree, you will be a qualified engineer. With a Master of Architecture degree, you can also become a registered architect.

    You could work in a range of offices:

    – designing structures, buildings and bridges
    – contributing to urban or commercial developments
    – advancing green or sustainable development projects
    – participating in planning projects
    – renovating existing projects
    – providing project or construction management.

    This course requires students to complete a total of 420 hours of continuous professional development, in order to graduate. This professional development may be in the form of 12 weeks of relevant vacation employment or an equivalent combination of approved professional development and/or engineering employment, taken throughout the duration of the course. Students are required to submit a series of reflections on their experience, with particular reference to development of each of the key Engineers Australia Stage 1 competencies.

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