• Use your information technology skills to push the boundaries of what is possible in artistic practice. From innovative design tools to digital artistic expression, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the growing intersection of IT and art.

    A thorough understanding of the theory, tools and techniques of information technology combines well with visual arts. Use your creative talents to shape the future of multimedia or games development, or use the theories and technical aspects of information technology to broaden your impact in the visual arts.

    This course leads to two separate degrees:

    – the Bachelor of Visual Arts, and
    – the Bachelor of Information Technology

    In Information Technology, you can major in Multimedia development or Games development.

    You will gain all the benefits of each degree course (see Bachelor of Fine Art/Bachelor of Information Technology) and be fully equipped to pursue a career in either field separately or to combine the two in your chosen work.

    You will be well placed to take advantage of the opportunities new technologies offer to the artist. For example, your technical skills within the realm of Multimedia and Games Development will be enhanced by the critical and creative thinking fostered in the Visual Arts.

    The professional application of this expertise can be used in the entertainment industry, advertising, graphic design, web design, computer animation, gaming, New Media practices and installation art.

    This double degree course reaches beyond the technologies currently defining the digital experience to engage with the richness of cultural production. The course reflects the interdisciplinary nature of multimedia projects, and the gaming industry, in the real world.

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