• Everything around you has been designed. Design thinking skills help organisations establish innovative goods and services and connect to consumers and business partners. Knowledge of the business world enhances the career opportunities of professional designers.

    This double degree course will give you the skills to apply design principles in business contexts, or to assist with the business development aspects of design. You will specialise in Communication Design or Industrial Design and add a broad understanding of business, enhanced by expertise in a particular area, such as management, marketing or accounting.

    This course leads to two separate degrees. Depending upon your specialisation in Design, you will be awarded either

    – the Bachelor of Communication Design, or
    – the Bachelor of Industrial Design,

    – the Bachelor of Business.

    You will gain all the benefits of each degree course and be fully equipped to pursue a career in either field separately or in combination.

    The union of creativity and business acumen offers a potent combination. It enables graduates to creatively develop ideas while having the confidence to realise them through the commercial world.

    These combined skill sets open a broad range of career opportunities, including business-related roles in the field of design such as commercialisation, design management, marketing or strategy. You might choose to apply your skills to realise original ideas through your own enterprise, by working freelance with other businesses or designers, or by joining a large company or organisation.

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