• This prestigious honours program allows you to pursue your passion for your selected area of study, via a fourth year of specialised coursework and research. The program is open to graduates with excellent results from a relevant undergraduate pass degree and is available in around 30 different areas of study. The Honours degree involves you deciding on your thesis topic in conjunction with your academic supervisor, who then provides individual advice and guidance as you engage in depth with the subject, research and write your thesis.Completion of an Honours course provides prospective employers with proof of your advanced research, analytical and communication skills, and your ability to complete an independent and in-depth project over a sustained period of time. Honours graduates are often targeted as potential managers and leaders in large corporations.

    Students with strong academic results in their undergraduate degree, particularly in the third year, are encouraged to consider enhancing their qualification with the honours program. You will study advanced coursework units, while carrying out a program of research on an agreed topic approved by the faculty in your chosen discipline. A final thesis of a specified length is submitted for assessment. In certain areas creative work or performance or a written critical commentary may also from part of the thesis. Many of the honours programs also provide opportunities to undertake study overseas.

    You will develop an advanced understanding of the processes involved in the design, development and implementation of a relevant research project as well as outstanding communication skills in both oral and written presentations.

    The program may be taken as single honours (a single discipline over one year of full-time study), or combined honours (two disciplines over one year of full-time study).

    As well as enhancing employment opportunities Honours graduates can reduce the length of time required to complete a masters by coursework degree (by up to one year). It also provides a pathway toward undertaking higher degree research at Masters or PhD level.

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