• With a focus on the promotion of human rights and social justice, this four-year degree incorporating a postgraduate qualification gives you the skills to contribute to a fairer and more equitable society.

    This qualifying social work course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to improve outcomes for individuals, groups and communities through direct practice, community development, developing social policy initiatives, research and evaluation.

    Your first year will consist of three interdisciplinary subjects, psychology, sociology and two social work subjects. In second year you’ll look at social work theories and develop an understanding of community service organisations and the needs of individuals, families and groups.

    A crucial part of the course is our social work field placement program. Under the supervision of an experienced social worker, you’ll complete a minimum of two 70-day placements, allowing you to put many of the skills you’ve acquired during first and second years into practice.

    During your third and fourth years you’ll focus on the development of inter-personal skills, community development practice, and research and program evaluation recognising the impact of structural features such as class, gender and race.

    The course structure lets you complete the required subjects for this 4.5 year degree in only four years.

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