• Designed in collaboration with our industry partners, our Master of Cybersecurity (Law) is geared to keep pace with the information security demands of business, government, defence, law enforcement and law firms.

    Organisations are not only faced with increased security risks, but the need for cybersecurity legal specialists and an understanding of privacy and regulations is becoming increasingly important.

    The governance of the digital space calls for professionals with knowledge of legal and ethical contexts and technical expertise. You’ll get a grounding in practical skills, and learn to apply them in policy formation, policing and international relations.

    You’ll do a set of foundation subjects to develop industry-relevant multidisciplinary skills before specialising in law. These subjects will cover fundamentals of cybersecurity, core knowledge about communication networks, crisis communication, the mindset and motives of hackers, auditing and risk mitigation, as well as legal and ethical frameworks.

    Within the law specialisation, you will learn the importance of surveillance and privacy in the digital age as well as the threat of cyber terrorism and international warfare. This course also offers flexibility with a number of elective subjects available, allowing you to tailor the degree to your interests.

    This degree provides a pathway for existing business and legal professionals seeking to commence or further progress their careers in the cybersecurity domain.

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