• Our exciting new degree structure is built to prepare you for your future career, no matter where your path takes you.

    In addition to a deep understanding of a scientific discipline of your choice (or two if you choose to study two majors), you will learn core knowledge and skills in research and analysis, data handling, entrepreneurship, and professional soft skills such as time and project management, team work skills, and preparing and presenting reports. This core knowledge is designed so that no matter what scientific discipline you focus on, you will be able to apply your skills and knowledge across a range of industries around the world.

    The degree is also focussed on delivering genuine practical experience, with options for field trips, research projects, industry engagement, work integrated learning, and even international study opportunities included a core component of your studies. We prepare you to hit the ground running when you graduate by giving you a study experience directly related to where you may find a career.

    You will be able to apply the scientific method through a range of disciplines, identify problems, gather evidence, and form and communicate your conclusions based on research and experience. This is why the Bachelor of Science is one of the most sought after degrees by employers, because our graduates are prepared for anything.

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