• This course specifically aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills, competencies and awareness in preparation for careers in biomedical research, biotechnology and related areas.

    Graduates will gain a broad knowledge of biomedical research and biotechnology, and its scientific basis, and developed skills in written and verbal communication in these areas. They will have delivered many presentations to their peers and teachers during the course, and made extensive use of information technology. Graduates will have solved problems in medical sciences and biotechnology, and have an understanding of the global importance and impacts of medical research and biotechnology. Social and ethical implications of these studies will be emphasised, particularly in the third year units.

    Research projects are a feature of many third year units and will provide candidates with the opportunity to develop their potential for research, develop a solid grounding in research methodology and enhance their skills of problem identification and problem-solving, and their ability to develop and present solutions. These units will prepare students for admission to Honours programs.

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