• Our teaching philosophy and online content ensure that you can readily engage with the person leading the learning while also interacting with your fellow students. You will have access to interactive activities and online group discussions. In this highly engaging environment you will expand your international law and international relations skills into areas such energy and environmental security, human security, international relations in the Asia/Pacific, causes and conduct of conflict and post-conflict mechanisms.

    Each compulsory topic within the course will be divided up into modules of one-week duration. The course uses online learning strategies based on the principles of active and connected learning, assessment and teaching, linking professional and critical academic forms of knowing, and facilitating meaningful social learning and communities of practice. Each of the modules will contain the tasks that students have to complete for that week. Each of these tasks will be assessable and will vary from topic to topic.

    The course is not restricted to applicants with an international law or international relations background but may be suitable to anyone (with an appropriate bachelor degree) who is employed, or is contemplating employment, in an international field.

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