• Why Bachelor of Podiatry (Honours)
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    This advanced, highly regarded qualification will set you apart from your competitors and, if you are considering a career in research, it will provide you with advanced knowledge and skills in research methodology and research practice.

    We also offer world-class learning facilities, including a fully-functioning on-campus Podiatry Clinic where you can practice your skills under the guidance and supervision of registered practicing podiatrists. You will carry out podiatric assessment and treatment on members of the public, with the complexity of management increasing with each year of your study.

    Plus, you will gain further practical experience when you complete 1,000 hours of professional experience during the course of your degree, where you will be required to complete a range of clinical activities involving the provision of screening, education and treatment services in rural areas.

    Real-world connections
    You will be taught by registered practicing podiatrists, award-winning academics and active researchers, ensuring you graduate career-ready. You will also work alongside leading researchers when you complete an independent research proposal, project and thesis, and build important industry connections when you complete a substantial industry placement as part of your studies.

    We host regular University-wide employee master classes and employment expos, and alumni events in Australia and overseas.

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