• Develop a ‘person first’ approach to problem solve issues associated with dyslexia, ADHD, and dyspraxia

    The Graduate Certificate of Education (Learning Differences) takes a Design Thinking approach to analyse issues and challenges faced by persons with a range of learning differences. In particular, it focuses on problem solving, informed by advanced theoretical knowledge, from a person first perspective. The person first approach allows situations to be tackled from the perspective of the individual, and by doing so shifts the focus from a passive acceptance from the person at the centre of the issue to a more active role where their individual needs are actively considered. This approach questions traditional thinking and challenges learners’ biases, prejudice and assumptions.

    It highlights the diversity of learning differences, which provides educators with advanced knowledge and skills in supporting individuals with a range of learning differences and inclusion practices. In addition, the Graduate Certificate addresses challenges and issues faced by mainstream teachers in 21st Century educational practice.

    Graduates can progress to further postgraduate studies in related fields of education. They can also advance their career in advisory roles specific to inclusion, differentiation and learning difference practices, in addition to being involved in resource teams in schools.

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