• The suites of short courses serve as Professional Development opportunities for teachers across Australia. They also provide tasters and pathways into Torrens Education courses and to serve the wider community in areas of need.

    This is the first subject in our Graduate Certificate of Education with specialisations in Autism, Learning Differences or Mental Health; and Master of Special Education. It would be offered as a standalone subject without any alterations and in line with regular offerings of this subject. Students passing all assessments in this subject would be awarded a Torrens Certificate of Achievement that could be utilized for credit in appropriate Torrens Education courses.

    In this short course, students will explore the origins and processes of design thinking, and its use across a range of disciplines and contexts. Students will engage in a design thinking process to identify and plan to address an issue within their own professional context. As a result of this process, students will ultimately arrive at an advanced understanding of their potential roles as innovators and leaders in education.

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