• Master of Science in Information Technology (Information Technology Management) 21-Month Track
    Professional Work Experience: Not required
    Internship: Required
    Intakes: August

    This is a blended business-technology degree that combines a comprehensive information technology and management curriculum with an internship and an industry based Information Systems Project.

    Degree Structure
    The program requires a total of 168 units: 108 units of core courses, 60 units of elective courses and 400 hours (approximately 10 – 12 weeks) of internship. The combination of core courses and electives options to suit your career objectives, with real industry experiences through the Information Systems Project and Internship, will put you at a distinct advantage over other graduates.

    Full-time students complete the program over five study periods (21 months).

    For successful completion, you must complete the requisite coursework and internship, and achieve a cumulative quality point average (QPA) of at least 3.0

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