• This double degree provides a pathway to practise as a sports psychologist, following further study in psychology.

    You will learn how to apply psychological theories to topics such as motivation, stress and health. You will also study the basic and clinical sciences and learn about the exercise response when working in the areas of health, rehabilitation and sport.

    Exercise Science component
    You will gain the skills and knowledge in the physical, biomedical and psychological sciences that you will need to become an exercise specialist. You will learn the role of exercise in health maintenance and rehabilitation.

    You may undertake a professional practice placement, which will give you an opportunity to put your knowledge and skills into practice.

    Psychological Science component
    You will learn how to apply psychological theories to topics such as thinking and perceiving, motivation, stress, health, criminal activity, and group behaviour.

    You will also learn how to evaluate and understand tests that measure intellectual, behavioural and emotional states. You will develop interpersonal and communication skills and learn about the principles of counselling and core areas of psychology. You will learn how to help people with personal, health, vocational and social difficulties.

    You will undertake a professional practice placement to enhance your skills.

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