• f you have an undergraduate degree in another discipline and are looking for a change, our Law program gives you an opportunity for a rewarding career in law.

    Law offers an intellectual challenge and the opportunity to help people with their legal problems. This program is designed to produce qualified lawyers with a practical focus.

    You will cover all the academic courses required for admission as a legal practitioner in Australia. You will engage in active learning experiences and gain practical skills right from your first year. For example, you will observe volunteer lawyers conducting client interviews at an advice clinic operated by Suncoast Community Legal Service.

    You will research answers to legal problems, prepare advice, present legal argument, observe court proceedings, and take part in simulated court presentations in our new Moot Court venue. You can further develop your skills by working with Legal Service clients under legal supervision in law professional practice, or undertake a legal internship.

    Law Honours is available, usually without extending the time required to complete your degree.

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