• We now live in a technologically advanced age where being multi-skilled is a necessity. Designers need to not only be creative, they must know how to promote themselves, their work and the products they design for both themselves and their clients. A university degree in Design and Marketing gives you the skills to manage your own career, in both the design and the marketing and business side.

    If you’re passionate about design, and also want the marketing knowledge to develop your own business skills, this program is for you. You will learn the language of visual design and communication and will gradually build a professional quality portfolio through working on a range of applied projects.

    In parallel, you will study a range of business and management subjects that will provide you with an understanding of the marketing functions essential to a wide range of organisations. You will learn how to identify and analyse marketing opportunities, develop strategic marketing plans, undertake marketing research, select target markets and forecast demand for a wide range of products and services. To do this, you will come understand the importance of the marketing mix, including aspects of product design, pricing, placement and promotion; and you will be able to analyse the marketing effectiveness of organisations with a focus on their sustainability.

    During your studies, you will work with experienced and dedicated designers and marketing professionals and work on a range of real life projects. You are also given networking opportunities during the program that help you towards building your career. For those who wish to apply, there is also the opportunity to study overseas for a semester in one of USC’s many partner institutions. To read in detail about each of the courses you will undertake, click on the “What will I study?”

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