• This qualification provides economics training in core economics principles and concepts and is beneficial to non-economics graduates. Students gain an understanding of basic economic concepts in microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics and mathematical techniques opening the way for graduates to undertake further study if they desire. Obtaining a higher qualification in economics is a career investment. Analytical ability, critical thinking and logic are highly valued commodities, and graduates of this program have the ability to succeed in a dynamic and an increasingly competitive environment. In obvious and subtle ways, economics permeates our daily life and has far reaching impacts. Graduates equipped with an advanced understanding of these forces and issues are an asset to any organisation.

    Study options
    Graduates will have the opportunity to progress to the following programs:

    Graduate Diploma in Economics
    – Master of Economics
    – Master of Business Economics
    – Master of Development Economics
    – Master of Economics and Public Policy
    – Master of Health Economics
    – Master of International Economics and Finance

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