• This program combines engineering and complementary areas of science to provide a strong science base for engineering students. It is available with all engineering disciplines. Emerging areas in science of importance to engineering including biology, biomedical science and biotechnology may also be studied.Refer to Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and the Bachelor of Science for individual program details and requirements for majors.

    Studies may be undertaken in the following specialisations. Please click on the major(s) that are of interest to you for more information.

    Bachelor of Science
    – Archaeological Science
    – Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    – Bioinformatics
    – Biomedical Science
    – Chemistry
    – Computer Science
    – Ecology
    – Food Science and Technology
    – Genetics
    – Geographical Sciences
    – Geological Sciences
    – Marine Science
    – Mathematics
    – Microbiology
    – Physics
    – Plant Science
    – Public Health
    – Statistics
    – Zoology

    Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
    – Chemical Engineering / Extended Major
    – Chemical and Biological Engineering Dual Major
    – Chemical and Environmental Engineering Dual Major
    – Chemical and Materials Engineering Dual Major
    – Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Dual Major
    – Civil Engineering / Extended Major
    – Civil and Environmental Engineering Dual Major
    – Civil and Geotechnical Engineering Dual Major
    – Electrical Engineering / Extended Major
    – Electrical and Biomedical Engineering Dual Major
    – Electrical and Computer Engineering Dual Major
    – Mechanical Engineering / Extended Major
    – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dual Major
    – Mechanical and Materials Engineering Dual Major
    – Mechatronic Engineering Extended Major
    – Mining Engineering / Extended Major
    – Mining and Geotechnical Engineering Dual Major
    – Software Engineering / Extended Major

    Placement courses
    Completion of 450 hours of Engineering Professional Practice to satisfy the requirements of Engineers Australia.

    Honours will be awarded to all graduates of this program.

    Study options
    Graduates will have the opportunity to progress to the following programs:

    – Bachelor of Science (Honours)

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