• Journalism is an exciting occupation that allows you to meet different kinds of people and to travel. The basis of journalism is information – discovering, assembling, analysing and presenting information. Journalists require highly developed skills in language, understanding of the media, an interest in current affairs and a broad general knowledge.

    UQ has offered a highly respected Journalism program since 1921, making it the longest established and most extensive program in Australia. Our outlook is progressive and courses keep pace with the latest developments in, and thinking about, journalism. Distinguished journalists participate in activities associated with the program.

    More types of journalism are practised today than ever before as the number of media outlets proliferates. To stand out from the crowd, successful journalists enhance their all-round competence with personal enterprise, innovation, imagination and creativity.

    The UQ program encourages you to develop your own vision of journalism by drawing on our vast collective experience of journalism practice and our research into journalism and communication.

    Dual degree programs for the Bachelor of Journalism
    – Bachelors of Journalism/Laws (Honours)
    – Bachelors of Science/Journalism
    – Bachelors of Business Management/Journalism
    – Bachelors of Communication/Journalism
    – Bachelors of Journalism/Arts

    Honours is available as an additional year of study.

    Study options
    Graduates will have the opportunity to progress to the following programs:

    – Bachelor of Journalism (Honours)

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