• The Faculty of Law at Bond University is a professional law school offering accredited programs including the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (also known as ‘PLT’). We deliver a rigorous curriculum that engages you and provides practical training in the essential skills needed to become a lawyer. Students will be taught by industry professionals to ensure they are workplace-ready.

    Students should contact the relevant admitting authority to ascertain the requirements for admission.

    The Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (Online), also known as Professional Legal Training (PLT), is the link between a student’s law degree and becoming a practising lawyer. The PLT program is a coursework degree that provides structured and supervised legal training, based on the Competency Standards for entry level lawyers developed by the admitting authorities and the Australian Professional Legal Education Council (APLEC). The online program can be undertaken full-time or part-time, and consists of the following three components: -Practical Legal Training: 1 semester (full-time) or 2 semesters (part-time); -Practical Experience (75 days); and -Continuing Practical Training (75 hours, undertaken concurrently with Practical Experience component).

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