• The Diploma of Secondary School Teaching is a professional development course designed for both primary school and secondary school teachers who already hold a teaching registration.

    The course will allow primary school teachers who want to transition into secondary schools to teach in either Junior Mathematics and Science; Junior English and History; or one of the teaching areas available in the course.

    The Diploma of Secondary School Teaching is also suited for secondary school teachers who want to improve their discipline content knowledge within an existing teaching area or gain discipline content knowledge in order to add a new teaching area.

    While completing the course you will benefit from the unique model of supported on-site school delivery and online study, which involves expert school-based teaching staff on-site and university staff online.

    The flexibility of this course ensures that your study needs are met and allows you to gain the appropriate content knowledge for the Australian Curriculum areas at a secondary school level.

    The Diploma of Secondary School Teaching has been developed in partnership with leading educational authorities, ensuring it is current and relevant. Our University teaching staff are often drawn from their roles as practising teachers. This ensures you have access to some of the most well-connected educators in the field.

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