• This pathway course is designed for international students who do not meet the minimum language requirements for our Master of Professional Engineering program (IELTS 6.5). The minimum IELTS proficiency requirement for our Graduate Certificate in Communication for Engineering is 6.0.
    You will undertake two communication units delivered by the QUT International College (QUTIC) and two units from one of these two engineering discipline study areas:
    electrical engineering
    mechanical engineering.
    The two communication units are designed to meet the IELTS 6.5 entry requirement. Successful completion of these units gives you the required English language proficiency to enter engineering courses without an additional external English language test.
    The engineering units in the Graduate Certificate will prepare you for work in a specialist engineering area through a program of study that balances development of advanced level English proficiency with engineering content.
    Why choose this course?
    Upon completion of this course, you will be equipped with advanced knowledge and communication skills relevant in your chosen engineering discipline and essential to further studies at masters level. You can also be granted up to one semester of credit for prior learning toward Masters of Professional Engineering (EN55).
    You will:
    develop advanced knowledge in your chosen engineering discipline, and a knowledge and respect for diverse cultural perspectives
    develop the technical knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate and produce solutions to engineering problems
    be able to communicate ideas to a variety of audiences to the standards of academic and professional practice in an English-speaking environment
    be prepared for higher level postgraduate study in an English-speaking context and equipped with enhanced language skills for professional practice.
    Real-world learning
    Our programs incorporate real-world case analysis, inquiry-based learning experiences, as well as individual and group projects. You will also benefit from learning to give and receive feedback from your peers while developing your oral and written English language communication skills.
    The QUTIC units work explicitly to provide you with the academic language, skills and strategies that will support you through the study of your two chosen engineering discipline units. The dimension of language developed through the QUTIC units will move you beyond vocabulary, syntax and grammar, to cognitive, conceptual knowledge and formal academic language.
    This course is primarily face-to-face learning, which is supported by online learning resources.
    This course also provides you with opportunities to understand your own cultural identity and develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that foster understanding of other cultures.
    Career outcomes
    The emphasis on report writing, oral presentation skills, academic and information literacy and engineering practice-based research skills in an English speaking context provides you with a depth of ability in seeking employment in mechanical or electrical engineering, or engineering management.
    Course articulation
    Upon successful completion of this course, you will be eligible for entry into our Master of Professional Engineering. You can be granted up to one semester of credit for prior learning towards the masters program.
    Support services
    In addition to the substantial support that will be offered to you by QUTIC, our Science and Engineering Faculty also offers you specific programs of support. These include one-to-one support through STIMulate and Student Success (Academic Language Advisors), as well as online resources for technical and additional language support.

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